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The Tropical House and Living

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The Tropical House and Living . It is an immortal space where aesthetics and local materials are perfected, simplicity and majesty, nature and architecture coexist in peaceful coexistence. The warmth around the tropics caused the architectural differences between indoors and out yawns, along with the wall that divides it. The house flourishes into the landscape, while the sights, sounds, and natural aromas flow through the living room. Indeed, one of the pleasures of living in the tropics is the awakening of the senses that brings us closer to nature. Famous British photographer and writer Tim Street-Porter has spent more than ten years traveling through Bali, Java, Sri Lanka, Mexico, Belize, and Jamaica. These amazing 272 photos, backed by interesting and informed Street-Porter comments, gained the appeal and meaning of the exemplary residence that he discovered on his journey. It may be an outdoor bathtub, a sybarite delight, with the sun filtering out frangipani trees. . . Decorated porch, where someone sipped coffee while contemplating the neighboring valley that was shrouded in the morning mist. . . Or a thatched palapa, which mainly supports local tree trunks wrapped in strangler trees. The beautiful phrase of this vernacular architecture – many of the world’s best architects and designers – nests in the forest, perched on the cliffs of the volcano, stands quietly beside the lagoon, and there is always the harmony with nature that enveloped them. This is a real place where people really live, but each seems to be suspended in an atmosphere that simultaneously resembles dreams and elements. The Tropical House and Living

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