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Small House Design with Appeal

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  • marble unwrapped porch in elevated position
  • aluminum cased windows
  • shed type of roof to compliment the size of the house
  • open carport

Curb appeal house color. Due to lot size, this plan has to be built walled along the property line to maximize the space. The limitation of the area can only suggest minimal layout, this in particular though has established a strong connection among each function. As small service area is provided at the back to support the kitchen for its activities. The design as it is shown has a casual zone that can also accommodate guests for common gatherings at back of the carport. The overall view looks so unique and well-designed. Small as it is, this model answers the demand of shelter for limited space, single occupancy intended for bachelors and recommended to get low income families. This is a perfect example of units that can be built in subdivisions which offers little areas to accommodate low budgets.

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