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Philippine House Floor Plans

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The second floor usually includes a small family area, a standard bedroom, a master bedroom and a balcony. This would be a private type since all the bedrooms are above the reception area or the living room. Typical story houses range from 150 to 450 square meters in total floor area from 2 to 5 allocations or bedroom designs. It could be a complicated decision to choose from a story or two story house if you are planning to build your dream home. Here are some of the benefits of 2 home stories that can influence your future decisions:Save your space has more room for the same lot area. If you have a lot of area of ​​160 square meters and you are only allowed 90 sq.m. Floor area, you can multiply this area and make it 180 sq.m. If you choose a house of 2 floors.Personal. Separation of living room and sleeping area is also a determining factor for many homeowners. The living room and reception room for 2 floors are usually located on the ground floor and the bedroom will be on the top floor.Safe Flooding This feature may be true or not but compared to one story, you still have a second floor to be safe when water rises in flood-prone areas. Philippine House Floor Plans

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