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Modern Two Story Three Bedroom Residence with Interior Design

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Two Beds Three Bedrooms with Interior Design Description and Specification. This modern two-storey three-bedroom residence with an interior design requires an average lot size with a total floor area of ​​160 m² for two floors. Like most homes, this model house model has a living room and two bedrooms on the ground floor while the upper level has a bedroom, T & B and family room. Uniquely, the plan is designed comfortably with a closed veranda in the center of the front facade built on three stairs from the main floor line. On the other hand, the upper level has an open balcony on the left and above the garage. Modern Two Story Interior Concept Two Bedroom Residence. The interior mind improves the overall appearance style of the house. Not enough use of expensive materials or choose a good color to accentuate the room. It’s not about the size or shape of all the components. But, how the material is used, how the assembly and all the design elements. In other words, the whole lay out should offer flexibility and appeal. This two-storey three-bedroom residence with interior design uses contrasting colors in every room with a mixture of white, brown and dark brown.

Modern Two Story Three Bedroom Residence. The bedroom has a combination of off-white and brown color with lighting effects on the walls and ceilings that create a dramatic atmosphere. Similarly, other rooms are selected white and the arrangement is the same as other spaces. Closed pavilion, one-car garage, open balcony, formal living room, dining room, two bedrooms on the ground floor and one bedroom on the first floor, two full Bathtubs, kitchen with marble countertop, concrete staircase with wooden fence, gable roof combination -hip, glistening autumn rocks, aluminum framed glass windows and landscaping areas. This delightful exterior home facade is sure to attract attention with its overall style and design considerations. As can be seen from the drawings, the usual outline shapes are used by very well-built designers. Furthermore, the presence of luminous gemstones at both levels adds a captivating charm and is connected in harmony with other elements. The house looks so calm and warm when the white color is dominated, a bit of dark brown and maroon creates a very inviting atmosphere. As a result, the building turned into a beautiful house that everyone would love to have.

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