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Modern Interior Colour Schemes

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Modern Interior Colour Schemes . The key to decorating with one color on walls and furniture is to use different colors of the same color, like a soft green apple couch next to an emerald metal counter. It’s also a great idea to mix textures, such as combining matt paint on the wall with a slim and glossy lamp base. Try and work out your color scheme to all areas of your living room – like your bay window.  Want to create a dramatic modern look? Paint the walls in the dark blue midnight for a moody background and choose furniture in rich shades like pink couches that are hot for a luxurious look. Combine the pattern with the color beam – why not look for beautiful patterned wallpapers and add a low-level modern sofa under the deep coral shade? The design of contemporary carpets and rugs is another way to add passion to your interior. Pastel colors work well for a touch of color – use blue, pink or purple – and add flowers with striped or floral accessories. If you have a small living room, keep the colors and shades of light for the room to feel as grand as possible. If you like something a little different, take a look at our idea for a great feature wall. Take a look at the patterns of modern, country and traditional living room in our photo gallery to inspire more decorations. After more idea of ​​living room design? Check out the idea of ​​a gray living room and the idea of ​​ducks egg room for inspiration. Family room is the right place to look beautiful. Choose a modular couch with low slogan with a blend of beautiful colors for a flexible seat that will bring a sense of fun to the living room. White paint walls to create a background that makes the colors really pop. Keep the other furniture at a minimum so that the couch is proud of its place. Modern Interior Colour Schemes

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