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Home and Design – 2017 has become a rollercoaster in a year, to say the least. But like the rest, it brings a new home trend that we see from leading designers home to our own dwelling. From modern metal to unique accent pieces, we compiled a list of the things we’ve seen the most over the last months on our blog, in store, and across our Pinterest boards. So many of the eclectic bathrooms we saw this year featured fish-scale tiles. This Moroccan-based toothed pattern is often found in brilliant turquoise blue. It’s about as far from the minimalist subway tiles as you can get, and offers a welcome opportunity to make the bathroom feel a bit closer to the ocean. Suitable for interior design lovers and mermaids.It’s not just about what pieces of decoration anymore – it’s also about where it came from By 2017  we’ve seen artisan pieces and “maker” products become mainstream, with companies like West Elm collaborating with small design stores and furniture makers. Think of it as a follow up of farming to a restaurant. Home and Design

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