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Design Plan – The open concept of life is a favorite for many reasons. First, it can make the small space feel bigger and brighter. A small apartment with a small kitchen with no windows outside the living room can be transformed into a space filled with light by replacing a wall with an island or table. Very easy rejuvenation with open kitchen and living room. You can chat with your guests while you cook. The island or kitchen table that is usually used as a demarcation space becomes a focal point for food and drink. A large “big room” is great for keeping an eye on your kids as well. You can cook cook efficiently or complete other house hold tasks while interacting with your children. Placing a desk and computer on the wall or the back of the sofa makes the room more multifunctional. Just as we love the space, the light and the current that the big open space gives us, there must be some challenges. Obviously, some privacy is lost when you tear down the wall and combine everything. Talking on the phone in the kitchen while your kids are watching TV can be difficult. Shaping wall space for your photos and artwork is a good reason to keep the wall intact. Fewer walls also mean fewer electrical outlets; Hiding cables in a large open area can be tricky. Finally, if you hate to see chaos, the open concept of life may not be for you, unless you live alone or have roommates who are also neat freaks. The mess of toys or messy kitchens is easily visible on the open floor plan. Staying tidy, or at least having proper storage, is the key to an open concept of life. Design Plan

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