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Beautiful Landscaping Ideas for Home Decoration

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  • Color or shadow, contour lines, textures, shapes and scales.
  • Choose a color or shade that brings harmony and life around it.
  • Follow contour lines and boundary areas and paths. The combination of straight and curved lines will make a good look.
  • Plants have different textures and shapes. Choose plants with different textures and shapes to create a balanced landscape that fits the surrounding objects.
  • Make a choice of plants and other elements by considering the scale of the appropriate object for the setting.
  • They must match the size of the object and the subject of the landscape.
  • Principles of Design and Landscape Elements

In landscaping, it is important to realize the importance of guidelines or design tools used to create beautiful and relaxing scenery. Structuring considerations in the landscape include:

  • Proportion – refers to the size of an object related to other elements / components
  • Order or order – association and balance in the landscape
  • Repetition – create sequences and patterns
  • Unity or agreement – a component lever that creates a single subject or theme

General Types of Landscape Features. Since our goal is to have a beautiful environment, you can consider this object in creating beautiful landscapes. However, it does not mean you have to use everything in your design. To put it in another way, choose the type that meets the design and the elements discussed above. Planting beds, shrubs, flowering trees, plants, planting foundations, water parks, walkways, fountains, rocks, lawns and more. A Beautiful Landscaping Idea for Home Decorations. Have a look at the beautiful landscaping ideas for home d├ęcor that you may love. Consider and apply to each home.

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